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There are times that arise certain brands or companies that manage to create a special aura in the segment in which they are. These are the ladies designer watches with metal and leather bands. And this is the case, under the heading of designer watches, Watches Void signature. A watch brand born from the hands of Swedish designer VOID V02-blbl WATCHESDavid Ericsson who currently is responsible for the creative department of this company so special watches.

Indeed, RelojDesign friends again Scandinavian design school reappears on the scene to talk about designer watches. And this young engineering graduate, born in the late seventies, it leaves nothing to chance. The simplicity of shapes and textures that have clocks Void design is analogous to the simple and functional architecture Bauhaus post.

A good example is the clock Void Watches V02-blbl . The lines and planes that are articulated in space are created and provided a unique geometry. Definitely a piece to be considered within a category might be called special watches (very special, in this case) and we all like to look. Finally, a sophisticated system of reading the time by which, a hands red and white colors similar to those of a compass will correspond to the color of the dial digit.

Ultimately the Void special watch brand is part of the latest trends and cutting edge within current urban style.

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