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LEAK CONFIRMED! iPhone is switching to USB-C port

A lot has been discussed about a rumour circulating the internet that Apple will switch their proprietary Lightning port for a more confirmatory USB-C port in their latest release of the iPhone. The Lightning port has been around for the last five years with the release of the iPhone 5. All subsequent releases of the iPhone have used a Lightning port including Apple’s last release of the iPhone, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It has also been used on the iPad, from the fourth generation iPad and iPad mini. Additionally, the company’s accessories namely the BeatsX headphones, Airpods, Apple Pencil and the Apple TV controller are all dependant on Lightning port for charging.

However, Apple is also betting heavily on the USB-C connector, in particular with the MacBook and MacBook Pro, the notebooks of the Cupertino based company. The emergence of Apples involvement in the development of USB-C first surfaced back in 2014 by an Apple insider who claimed that the company is indeed one of the contributors of the USB-C. This fact was later confirmed at the release of the new Macbook with the new USB-C port:

Only hours after the announcement by Apple, Google announced the release of the Google Pixel 2 Chromebook which also uses a USB-C port for charging and data transfer.

The two long standing rivals are seemingly now working together to standardize the ports and will probably gain a share of profits on the licencing fees they charge third party accessory manufacturers for ports that they have invented. So instead of battling for supremacy, they are now standing side by side and sharing the spoils in an industry that has reached the point of saturation and with the emergence of new Chinese firms and their ability to reengineer and manufacture high quality cell phones at extremely competitive prices, which has been eroding not only market share but also profits for the behemoths, the move makes sense.

This claim can further be backed by the fact that Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) were spotted earlier in March having dinner together at a popular Vietnamese restaurant in Palo Alto.

Refurbished iphone rumers

Coming back to USB-C, which is going to be the standard everywhere across all platforms for peripheral makers, phone makers, laptop makers, tablet makers, PC makers etc. and will be capable of handling thunderbolt with charging, there’s no practical reason to go with lightning. With the switch to USB-C, Apple will also harmonize the Macbook with their latest flagship iPhone, something the company was heavily criticized for when they distributed the iPhone 7 with a cable from Lightning to USB-A, which made it impossible to connect the phone to the new MacBook directly.

Furthermore,  our own sources have disclosed to us that they have been handed designs regarding the production of USB-C port of the new iPhone much like developers are given beta versions of the new IOS software’s prelaunch to develop apps compatible with the new operating system before their release . This confirms the rumours that the latest release of the iPhone 8 (X/Edition) will in fact use a standardized USB-C port and not a Lightning port for charging and data transfer. The official announcement is due when Apple CEO Tim Cook will no doubt lead the key note speech at the announcement of Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone announcement later this fall.

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