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Kitchen Cabinets

KitchenThe cabinets are an important part in the decoration of the kitchen and be distributed according to the space available. The kitchens are equipped with different types of design, including forms are L, U, in line with or without the island, but this depends on the space available.

The classic distribution of households is performed as follows: refrigerator (combined), space, kitchen space sink. This arrangement keeps the oven’s heat away from the fridge, but they are close to each other as required by rule.

How to choose the kitchen cabinets

After deciding what type of cuisine, we must move to the choice of cabinets. Here, the first decision is to choose the type of material you want in our kitchen. Solid or laminated wood right?

The wood kitchen cabinets give a friendlier environment, but may be more difficult to clean.

Finally choose the material for the counter. Generally, the material chosen for the counter is one that defines the appearance and durability of the kitchen.

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