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Conifer Trees

conifer1.pngThe conifer tree is part of a family that is little neglected because this tree is considered sad in some countries. This is somewhat true, but this family offer a wide range of trees in various shapes and colors.

This is a dwarf plant that grows very slowly and do not exceed more than 1 meter in height even after many years.

Some Conifer Trees can be high and very close not more than 1.5 m in diameter and more than 15 meters high as the Cypress Italy or crouching on several large meters, as some junipers. These are interesting to cover a good area where weeds will not grow.

It also exists in the form of balls or weeping.

Most conifers are evergreen, interesting all year to hide a view or an unattractive building. They are also excellent windbreak. You can buy conifers online at cheap prices.

The deciduous species (larch, gingko, bald cypress) are interesting for their autumn foliage taking lovely colors before falling.

They are also used to be a lot of hurdles to cut to the desired height, continued throughout the year. Depending on the variety of ladies fashion watch, the foliage may be green, but also gold, silver, blue, bronze or variegated.

Finally, the majority of them are hardy in all tests and presents no particular growing conditions.

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