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Bamboo Curtains

Furniture makers and interior designers are increasingly betting on bet Bambu.Esta is done because of the durability and the ability to handle different weather conditions bamboo. Previously, bamboo is used as a traditional art form, and even as an energizing force in Japanese decor. Today bamboo is synonymous with elegance, functionality and reliability that makes […]

Small rooms

Before decorating a house, the most important factor of all is the comfort. A house is not just a roof that shelters us, but it is also a place where we spend a lot of time and we felt very comfortable. It is important that combines the beauty in the choice of different decorations, furniture […]

Interior Design – Lighting

When we talk about quality of home lighting good lighting is the true creator of environments. The lighting will improve interior comfort and bring the rest of the house, thus having an effect on our spirit. For here we see that the lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior decoration. Every home […]