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Although this is a blog dedicated preferentially to talk about designer watches, do not forget that we also love the design, it comes from the field to come. And the automotive industry is an area not at all to the good design.

We would like to discuss a very special vehicle, which this year also celebrates its half century of life. And none other than the Porsche 911, which began back in 1963 and by the middle of last year we introduced its seventh generation. We do not intend here RelojDesign you no technical analysis of the car, we leave that to the numerous trade magazines. Simply, we want to influence the work of art which, in the early 60s, left the drawing boards Stuttgart brand and, with characteristic 2 +2 configuration and rabidly sport that design, was the delight of the speed lovers.

We can not, within the RelojDesign staff or driving pleasure imagine it must feel to sit at the controls of the first 9once, the 63 (did not we would not averse to the current model, of course …). We show then some images that you can see the beauty of both the current model and the model that launched the series. Which do you spend the night?


Moreover, we think RelojDesign that the lucky guy who owned a vehicle so special, also aesthetics to take care when choosing what parts wear on your wrist. From RelojDesign, we want to think that the designer watch Men’s Fashion Watches with black dial and black leather strap could be the perfect complement to a wonderful vehicle. In short, the legendary Porsche born in the sixties, along with the piece pencil out Swiss architect Max Bill in the same decade.

Anyway …

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