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Bathroom Decorating Ideas

bathroomThe bathroom is the place where the morning starts, so you need to create a relaxed and friendly environment. Follow our tips to enhance your bathroom.

The tiles should be smooth and pink in color if possible. This color gives it a very zen, with a touch of modernity and class.

If your bathroom has a window and a mirror, take time to embellish with fresh flowers that give life and humor, you and space.

Choose colors and are sure to fit the space. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, white is always a good bet.

Chase the mirror. ban in the cloakroom. Feel like a star and treat it as such. These lights give modernity.

With a large mirror will not leak no time to fix. On the other hand, makes the space look bigger and brighter. Simple and frameless mirror.

Choose a cabinet that, in addition to “hide” the sink, give it a little cleaning. Never enough to store everything and anything.

Prefer integrated mobile sink. The two are better, so each has its own. More hygienic and lets you have at the same time, saving valuable time in the morning.

Enjoy the space well. A cabinet with doors and modern acrylic. White is always a good choice.

Towels and clothes hanger. It has the advantage of taking up little space and give different things hanging.

The mats are essential for comfort. Avoid colds and allow you to create different environments in this space.

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