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Are You Holding Someone’s Latest Smartphone?

Why Used Smartphones are increasingly the ‘New First-Choice’ for many Consumers Apple’s iPhones are very expensive when buying brand new. The second you take off the plastic wrap off the box, and switch the device on, it has essentially become used and can’t be resold for what you’ve paid for it at the Apple store. […]

Why Apple won’t switch to USB-C Port

As Apple celebrates the 10th anniversary of its most successful product, the iPhone, anticipation continues to grow and the rumour mill keeps churning out with more “details” on the upgrades and features of the latest addition to the iPhone family. However, as anticipation runs rife, so do the rumours. In particular are the latest claims […]

LEAK CONFIRMED! iPhone is switching to USB-C port

A lot has been discussed about a rumour circulating the internet that Apple will switch their proprietary Lightning port for a more confirmatory USB-C port in their latest release of the iPhone. The Lightning port has been around for the last five years with the release of the iPhone 5. All subsequent releases of the […]

Pakistani Who Shot Rehman Malik Plane Video Sacked

A man who filmed passengers preventing Pakistan’s former interior minister from boarding a plane for being late has been sacked from his job. Arjumand Hussain and others accused Rehman Malik of holding up the Pakistan International Airways flight. Let’s Start Boycott Gerry Fedex Pakistan. Mr Hussain says he was given no reason for his dismissal […]

The Man Who Challenged Pakistan’s VIP Culture is Sacked by Gerry Fedex Pakistan

  The Brave Man Who Confronted Pakistan’s VIP Culture is Kicked Out By Gerry FedEx Pakistan The local licensee of FedEx in Pakistan, Gerry’s Group, has terminated the services of Arjumand Hussain, whose activism to evict two politicians from a commercial airline made him a social media hero in the subcontinent. Let’s Start Boycott Gerry […]



Although this is a blog dedicated preferentially to talk about designer watches, do not forget that we also love the design, it comes from the field to come. And the automotive industry is an area not at all to the good design. We would like to discuss a very special vehicle, which this year also […]



There are times that arise certain brands or companies that manage to create a special aura in the segment in which they are. These are the ladies designer watches with metal and leather bands. And this is the case, under the heading of designer watches, Watches Void signature. A watch brand born from the hands […]


The Arbutus or Strawberry tree is a fruits tree that belongs to the species of shrubs and particularly prevalent in the small trees south of France and Corsica family of Ericaceous. Arbutus fruit is a tasty fruits especially used into the composition of some cakes. If you go to the northern Morocco or Algeria in […]

Conifer Trees

The conifer tree is part of a family that is little neglected because this tree is considered sad in some countries. This is somewhat true, but this family offer a wide range of trees in various shapes and colors. This is a dwarf plant that grows very slowly and do not exceed more than 1 […]

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